VIUBY,  वूबी   'View' 'Buy' that is 'Dekho' aur 'Kharedo' is a video classfieds app for the next billion users adopting to video and voice. Viuby powers video commerce enabling tyless buying and selling of products and services. Video Banao, Saaman Becho is what the app does.

The app has been made to enable barrier free transaction among the population that is using mobile, camera and their local dialect as the primary means for lively hood. The app combines advance video, voice upstream and downstream content delivery capability enabling it to work on 2G, 3G, 4G and offline mode. The native app uses the latest in video streaming technology, user generated content sharing, artificial intelligence and expert recommendation engine. It provides a disruptive way to buy and sell stuff for the hinterland.

For support, feedback, investor relations and career opportunity, Write to samarth@viuby.com

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Video Banao, Saaman Becho

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